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If you're thinking about selling your property one question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you should hire a real estate agent or sell your home on your own? There's a lot that goes into selling real estate and you might not be able to handle everything that will surely come your way throughout the home selling process.

A few of the things you're going to have to do when selling real estate include coming up with an initial listing price, deciding if your home needs any repairs or renovations done to it before listing it on the market and which ones to complete if any are found, marketing your home through print or online media sources, staging your home for a home showing and following through by hosting a home showing, and negotiating offers with interested buyers and their agents.

If you feel like that's just too much for you to handle then you're probably better off signing a contract with a realtor to help you sell your home. Most listing contracts or listing agreements between a client and a real estate agent will include details such as the starting date of the contract, an ending date or time limit period the real estate agent has to sell the property in question, an initial listing price, commission details and terms, any details regarding whether or not the real estate agent will work with other brokers or sub-agents and any compensations that might be offered to them, and an agreement as to whether or not to reveal any previous offers received. Those are the basic terms of most real estate agent contracts but some other contracts might also include details such as 'For Sale' signage postage by the agent, information regarding advertising, and any obligations by the seller to inform the agent of the property's conditions.

You should also remember that a real estate agent will only be paid their commission if your home is sold. So you have no need to worry about spending money on an agent if your home doesn't sell. Real estate agents pride themselves on their ability to sell homes and feel confident enough to hold off being paid because they know it will eventually happen. If not, you can renew your contract with your current agent or move on to a new one that will help you sell your home and get you started on your new house plans.

Before you go and sign that real estate contract though you're going to want to interview prospective real estate agents and what better place to hold your interviews in than a cafe?

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