Whenever you're at the grocery store picking up groceries for the week or you're out at a diner or cafe looking over the menu there's always this voice in the back of your head telling you if a certain food is good or bad for you. Everybody has their own opinion on what foods are good for you and which foods are bad for you. You might offer up some tea with biscuits to a friend who's come over to visit you, who will refuse to eat the cookies because they might have sugar in them, whereas you would still eat them because you have no problem with a little sugar in your diet.

Some people are strict with the foods that go into their bodies. It's their right. They can do whatever they want with their bodies and put whatever foods they want to, whether eating at their home or a restaurant in Portland. The debate over good food, bad food will always be around no matter what. There are more and more studies coming out that either tell us a certain food is now bad for us or that is now all of a sudden good.

There are some foods that no matter how amazing they taste once we've put them in our mouths are just plain bad for your health. Ask any dentist about pop and they'll tell you it'll rot your teeth. Talk to a doctor about foods you should avoid and they'll automatically single out junk food and fast food. It's easy to eat unhealthy though. You can go out to a Burger King or a White Castle and pick up a meal that will feed a family of four for less money than buying organic vegetables at the grocery store. That might seem out of whack to you but it's true.

Pretty much any junk food you buy in the grocery or corner store near your home is full of salt, sugar and fat, usually too much of each. Eating one bag of potato chips or one chocolate bar will not be good for your health. The problem with junk food is that it tastes so good you want more than one bag of chips or chocolate bar.

There are also some common foods that are found in most homes that might seem healthy but that really aren't such as white bread and white pasta and white potatoes. White bread and white pasta are made out of white flour, which is full of empty calories and too many carbohydrates. When it comes to food, read the labels or ask your doctor or a nutritionist which foods you should most certainly avoid.

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