How much does the average person know about Oregon and the kinds of homes you can buy there? Not much, usually, until their employer transfers them there and they're forced to sell their current real estate and buy a new home in one of Oregon's major cities. However, Oregon is a beautiful state that deserves consideration all on its own. If you're thinking you might like a change of scenery, put Oregon on your list. This article will give you an idea of the types of real estate you'll be able to buy there.

In terms of real estate values, Oregon stacks up pretty well compared to the national average. While the median (or middling value) asking price for a home in the United States in general is around $89,600, in Oregon you're looking at closer to $138,000. In terms of assessed worth, that same median house is worth over $152,000, which means that Oregon has almost as much investment potential as other real estate. Oregon's popularity is increasing, so now is always a good time to buy.

Why do home buyers choose Oregon? Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest just south of Washington. While this does mean most cities get a fair bit of rain, it also means the whole state is lush and green. Oregon's profusion of mountains and rivers make for some great views and there's still enough space for people to spread out. You'll have a lot more room to stretch here than if you shopped for real estate on the local listings. Oregon has preserved much of its stunning terrain in state parks, so the state is very popular with outdoorsy people.

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Most people don't realize it, but Oregon is a state with a lot of noteworthy architecture, not just in public buildings but also in private homes. If you're looking for a home done in Craftsman architecture or an American bungalow style home, searching in Oregon will bring you much better luck than considering Los Angeles homes for sale say. California ranch style, West Hills Modern, and Pacific Northwest are some other housing styles that feature prominently in Oregon neighborhoods and are much more interesting than boxy McMansions.

Single family homes are the most popular form of housing in Oregon but if you live in one of the major cities, such as Salem or Portland, you'll also have your pick of condos and town houses. Which city you choose will determine how much house you can get from the sale of your current property. As of mid 2011, Salem was averaging around $251,000, Portland was hovering around $360,000, and Eugene was closer to $289,000. Here in Ashland, home of Lela's Cafe, the average is a whopping $644,000.

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