One of the scariest things that can happen to a person is the thought that you might lose your home. Everyone needs a place where they can find shelter and security and no one should ever be left out in the cold. But, the truth is that there are thousands of homes for sale on the market in Portland that are the result of people going into foreclosure. If you're having some difficulties making your monthly mortgage payments than here are some tips that could help you avoid that terrible fate.

The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem. This is likely going to be a very scary and stressful time and most people have the instinct to just hide their head in the sand and hope that it works itself out. But, if you really want to keep your London real estate and get yourself back on the right track than you will need to have some courage and face the problem head on. This is the only way that you will be able to turn things around.

Get in touch with your lenders and let them know that you're having difficulties making your payments on time. They would much rather get you on a payment plan and help you get back on track than to take your home from you. Not only will this be a hassle for them to sell but it will also mean that they are losing more money. So, if you've lost your job working at a place that makes a weld-seal joint strap or as a sales associate than you should be up front about this as soon as possible.

Know the terms of your mortgage and your rights. You should be aware of what your lenders are allowed to do once you're late on your payments and the foreclosure laws for your province or state. There are many people that you could talk to that could help you figure these things out when it comes to your mortgage. Canada's Department of Housing or a financial advisor could be a good starting place when it comes to getting answers.

Usually getting back on track will mean doing a complete overhaul of your spending. You might have worked with a mortgage broker, bank representative, or a lending specialist to decide which mortgage plan was right for you ten years ago but things might have changed. Find out what you're able to afford now when it comes to mortgage payments and where you can curb your spending on other things. You should also make sure that you're using any other assets that you might have to get you out of the woods.

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