Among the most popular renovations among homeowners right now is updating the kitchen. Replacing the oven from 1975 is usually high on the list for these types of renos, but it can be tough to choose the new oven given all the advancements in oven technology that have occurred since your last oven was manufactured. One of the most popular new types of oven is the convection oven. To figure out whether you should choose this type of oven for your new kitchen, let us tell you all about it.

Convection oven versus a traditional oven

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Convection is the process by which cool air and warm air change places, usually without any assistance. Convection occurs in a regular oven because once you remove the custom printed packaging from your frozen pizza and pop it inside, the hot air from around the element changes places with the cool air around the pizza, setting up a small current within the oven. However, not all ovens are convection ovens. To be a real convection oven, the oven must have a fan to encourage air circulation.

Convection ovens are more energy efficient than standard ovens because by circulating the air better, the oven makes better use of the heat it does have and therefore the elements don't have to burn as hot. Convection ovens also cook food faster and more evenly than regular ovens, which makes them an obvious choice if you do much cooking where you have to prepare large amounts of food on a tight deadline, or if you're often impatient with how long it takes food to cook.

Because of the convection oven's ability to cook food faster, however, you will have to be very careful with your recipes after your renovation house plans are complete because none of the cooking times will be correct anymore. You will have to watch your dishes very closely while they bake, at least the first time, to determine the new cooking times and temperatures. You can check online for recipes specifically designed for convection ovens, but since their fans operate at varying levels of efficiency, there's no guarantee the times would be correct there, either.

Another factor you will have to consider when deciding whether or not to buy a convection oven for condo for your home. Convection ovens can cost as much as twice what you would pay for a regular oven, depending on the brand and the other features included. If it's not in your budget, you can always opt or a convection countertop oven, which you can get for less than a $100, or even a convection microwave, which combines microwave cooking with the browning capability of an oven.

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